Height   :  105 metres (345 feet)
Floors   :  25 (excluding Basement + Parking + Ground)
Floor Plate   :  16,000 sq. ft.
Usage   :  Commercial
Leasable area   :  4,50,000 sq. ft. (approx.)
Efficiency   :  70%
Floor loading capacity   :  300 kg/sq. mt.
Floor-to-ceiling height   :  5.5 m (Ground & 1st Floors); 3.5m (rest)
Grid Span   :  9m x 6m
Facade   :  Glass; walls finished with China Mosaic
Electricity Features   :  100% DG power back-up
Fire Safety Features   :  Fire code compliant
Air Conditioning   :  Centralised, with chilled water plant
Parking   :  Available – internal parking & valet parking services
Car Parking Ratio   :  1 car park for 2500 sq. ft. of built-up area
Glass   :  Double glazed unit glass
Elevators / Lifts

  :  10 new Schindler elevators

  • 6 local elevators (Floors 1 -11)
  • 4 high speed express elevators (floors 12-24)

Security   :  24 X 7; electronic and physical
Power Capacity   :  27,000 KVA (Total) / 6W per sq. ft.
Lobby Area   :  High-floor height lobby (5.5 m) with ethnic mural walls finished with white polare stone work





In keeping with global advancements in design and construction, renovations and additions undertaken at Express Towers have followed ‘Green Building’ principles.

The Green Building, also known as Sustainable Building, is the practice of creating structures using resources that are environmentally responsible and energy-efficient. It encompasses factors such as internal and external design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and deconstruction. The aim of the Green Building design is to reduce the overall impact of man-made construction on human health and the natural environment.

In line with Green Building designs, Express Towers is now a recipient of the LEED Silver Certification under the category of ‘Existing Buildings O&M- version 4‘ for the following provisions:

  • Express Towers is very well lit during the day, thereby restricting artificial lighting only to the interior spaces
  • Offices and common spaces illuminated with CFLs and low-mercury containing lamps
  • Occupancy and LUX sensors installed on each floor to ensure optimum light
  • CO2 sensors installed to help monitor the indoor air quality, by regulating outdoor air in-take based on the level of occupancy
  • The Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS) help monitor the HVAC systems, control the chillers and indoor microclimate, thereby ensuring a comfortable working environment. The HVAC systems was completely changed and upgraded during the re-engineering of facilities at Express Towers
  • Low-flow fixtures installed in the building to optimally reduce the water consumption and wastage
  • Water metres installed to keep a check on the different water supply systems such as supply water, irrigation water and chiller water
  • Non-CTF and low power consumption chillers have been installed alongside AHUs with energy efficient EFF-1 motors
  • External glazing replaced with double glazed, high performing glass units
  • Diesel generator units with a low U-value of 2.8 W/sq. m K and a 52% SHGC help in regulating heat transmitted through the façade, thereby reducing the energy required to cool the building
  • High Visual Light Transmittance (VLT) of 59%, ensures that there is sufficient daylight entry into the building premises throughout the day
  • Waste management system to segregate the building’s waste as “Wet” and “Dry”, into respective bins within the premises
  • Segregated dry waste sent to appropriate recyclers
  • E-waste and hazardous material collected in a separately tracked waste disposal bin
  • E-waste recycler hired on contract to help recycle the electronic waste and dispose the hazardous waste as per protocol
  • Separate scrap yards for collecting renovation and construction waste, ensuring that recyclable waste is put to good use and not sent to a landfill

In addition to these Green Building guidelines the following provisions too have been executed at Express Towers:

  • The power distribution system has been overhauled through the usage of copper cables for the entire wiring, thereby ensuring energy efficiency
  • Variable voltage-variable-frequency (VVVF) with energy efficient motors used in the elevators
  • Grooved fittings used in the building to avoid deterioration of the surrounding environment
  • Insulation and adhesives with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) used during renovations, in keeping with Green Building guidelines



Availability at Express Towers, depending on time and occupancy,
ranges from minimum of 2500 sq. ft. to 16000 sq. ft. on leave and license basis per floor.

View from the 20th floor of Express Towers


As one of the leading corporate destinations in Mumbai, Express Towers offers a host of superior occupant services that set it apart from other buildings.

•    The Sassy Spoon

Winner of Time Out India's Best Independent Restaurant, The Sassy Spoon is Mumbai's premiere gourmet eatery, located in the building premises

•    ATM

For the convenience of occupants and visitors, ATM facilities are available at Express Towers

•    24 x 7 Service centre

The '24 X 7 Service Centre' at Express Towers is geared towards assisting occupants and visitors with their queries, complaints and suggestions regarding services and facilities

•    Incubation Space

Express Towers provides outstanding office spaces for businesses, accompanied by some of the finest business amenities available in Mumbai

•    Valet Parking

For our occupants and visitors, Express Towers offers the convenience of valet parking services and security-monitored car parking facilities



Facility Management at Express Towers is devoted entirely to the coordination of office spaces, infrastructure, organisations, and the people working here to ensure round the clock smooth functioning of the environment. The upgrades to the MEP services at Express Towers have involved a complete overhaul and replacement of the old utilities, with brand new state-of-the-art MEP facilities.


A high-capacity, state-of-the-art centralised air conditioning plant, capable of providing 24 X 7 cooling services to all its occupants has been installed at Express Towers.

The new system incorporates the latest Air Handling Units (AHU) and chillers, and is able to provide more efficient and quieter cooling, with improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)


Express Towers has undergone a comprehensive changeover of the entire electrical system in the building, including installation of new dry type low loss transformers, new electrical cables, distribution boards, panels, rising bus bars, multiple risers for low voltage systems


In addition to the requisite firefighting systems, Express Towers also has a team of trained firefighters stationed on the premises, on a 24x7 basis. The entire fire protection system at Express Towers is one of the most comprehensive and 'Fire Code Compliant' ones, across commercial properties in Mumbai. A host of features including sprinkler systems, fire-rated doors and firefighting equipment have been installed and provided on each floor. A modern fire detection system has been installed and integrated with the tenant systems


In line with other service upgrades, the water supply and disposal systems at Express Towers have been completely overhauled, resulting in improved maintenance, reduced water losses and higher reliability


Express Towers has been installed with a full-fledged emergency power back-up system, one of the few buildings in Mumbai’s CBD offering this critical facility to its licensees


Home to prestigious domestic and multinational firms, Express Towers has incorporated some of the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art safety and security features.

Meticulous attention to detail has been a hallmark of the facilities at Express Towers and all its security measures consistently incorporate this quality. Safety measures at Express Towers have been implemented at both, the overt and concealed levels:

  •  Fully-equipped cabins have been constructed at the main gates and are continually manned by trained security officers
  •  Radio Frequency Integrated Devices (RFID) have been implemented to ensure an efficient and orderly system in the ample parking bays
  •  Hand-held metal detectors are constantly employed to ensure that unsafe materials are detected instantly
  •  As an added precaution, Express Towers is equipped with multi-zone Door Frame Metal Detectors (DFMD) in the doorways, to provide advanced scanning features
  •  Express Towers possesses a cutting-edge electronic surveillance system that includes CCTV cameras as well as a Public Address System, in the parking and building lobby areas
  •  Building occupants are also issued specially created identification cards that ensure the access of only authorised personnel into Express Towers
  •  Separate entrances and vehicular access points have been designated for occupants, visitors, and maintenance personnel

A systematic security audit is conducted at frequent intervals, to make sure that all security measures are adequate and updated