Workplace Trends To Watch Out For In 2018
November 2017


The workplace is not what it used to be. Globalization, technology, cultural changes and various other factors have brought a sea change in the way work is done, where and how it is done by the employees. Savvy employers who believe in staying ahead of the competition and those who want to retain their top talent, are doing their best to keep up with these changing trends.

Interpersonal Relationships

The companies are realizing the importance of human interaction and relationships at the workplace. In 2018, workplaces will be designed and employee schedules will be modified in such a way to facilitate cooperation and collaboration. In fact, multinationals are already mulling to do away with their remote-work programme, bringing employees back to a more traditional type of office. Businesses, especially those with greater creative functions, are creating inspiring, unconventional work zones to enhance productivity.


Loyalty in today’s corporate world is a much valued asset. Employers will place more emphasis on upskilling and training their current workforce in order to retain them. 2018 will see a lot many companies investing more heavily in their workers.

Comfort & Peace

The offices of the future will create a ‘home away from home’ type of feel, complete with cozy furniture similar to that used in residential settings, communal canteens and congenial breakout areas. The modern workplaces will have a combination of spaces with private areas where the employees can attend to a phone call or work with no distraction as well as communal areas where they can get together for an informal meeting or to collaborate across teams. The multi- functional community space allows for greater flexibility, mobility and fluidity.


The companies are getting innovative with their way of thinking by bringing wellness into the workplace in order to enhance employee satisfaction. 2018 will see introduction of Wellness Programmes that encourage physical and mental health. Yoga workshops, work gyms, distribution of healthy refreshments will become workplace norms. Natural elements will be introduced into the office environment by way of Biophilic design. By introducing Nature via textures, patterns, natural lighting, and live plants, the focus is on reducing the stress of the employees.


The companies will work on improving the composition of their workforce. All types of diversity, including gender, ethnicity and age will be supported at the workplace. In the future, biases such as pay disparity between genders or mindset which holds prejudices like women don’t function well in technological fields, etc. will be discouraged and done away with.

Hybrid Live-Work Spaces

The companies are working towards combining work and living spaces to make it easier for employees to have a work-life balance. Shared office space adjacent to residential units will be very much a reality in the future. Co-living and co-working spaces are a hit amongst the millennials, who want to save money as well as maximize flexibility and convenience in their living situations.

Looking at these trends, it can be concluded that the workplace, employee compensation, and even the nature of jobs is changing. If business leaders want the best talent to work for them, they have to be on top of these trends and take steps to ensure that work fits into people’s lives.