Vertical Gardens – Add Greenery To Your Workspace!
December 2017


Meeting deadlines, pressure to perform - we all face some sort of stress while working. Adding greenery to the workplace has a soothing effect on everyone and helps in de-stressing and relaxation. The concept of vertical gardens in office spaces is fast gaining popularity, as the greenery acts as a balm and also because people are becoming more environment conscious these days. Plants add beauty and freshness to the drab office surroundings, creating a blissful space where everyone looks forward to come every day.

In simple words, a vertical garden is a method to grow plants on the walls. Vertical gardens more than make up for the lack of green spaces in the urban areas by adding greenery to the interiors. The easiest way to have a vertical garden in your office is by having a sturdy, strong frame made, which has horizontal rows and then place plant containers of various shapes and sizes over it. Or you can simply buy a ready framework and install it. If the space is less, you can even attach the plant containers directly to the walls. Vertical gardens look good inside the office, on the terrace as well as in the balcony.

For vertical gardens inside the office, go in for indoor plants as they require less sunlight to grow. Plants which purify the air, such as peace lily and ferns are even better. Herbs like peppermint and basil are great options for indoor vertical gardens too. To make your vertical garden innovative, instead of the regular plant containers, opt for plastic bottles, wine bottles, shoes, light bulbs, photo frames and tyres. Involving the employees is another good idea. Ask each of your employees to get a plant container for the office vertical garden!

After you have installed the garden, maintaining it is equally important. Have the office helper water, trim, prune, nourish and maintain the plants on a regular basis. Dry, wilting flowers and leaves should be removed and fertilizers fed from time to time to encourage faster growth. Keeping a check on pest attacks will ensure that the garden does not get damaged.

Always go in for low maintenance plants for an office vertical garden. Opt for plants that flourish, remain healthy round the year and avoid seasonal ones. Choose plants like a terrarium, which is quite easy to set up, and grows on its own, without much effort. Look for plants that clean the air, soak up the humidity and don’t need to be watered as often.

To ensure adequate sunlight, the garden should ideally be near the window or under a skylight. To make an impact and to enhance the interiors, besides the vertical garden, place a few plants in spaces that are generally overlooked, such as the washroom and the corners of the office.

Vertical gardens are a low-cost, environment-friendly addition to the workplace. They act as natural healers and improve the employees’ mood, thereby increasing productivity. Looking at their overall benefits, a “living green wall” is exactly what you need at your workplace in the coming year.