Office Makeover for Monsoons
May 2018


The monsoons are almost at our doorstep! Although, we look forward to the rainy season, commuting to and from the office can be challenging. Moreover, the dull weather outside can have an adverse impact on an employee’s productivity. These are reasons enough for employers to give their office a makeover during monsoons, and help boost their employees’ morale.

Tips for an Office Makeover for Monsoons

  • Paint the walls of the office in bright colours such as yellow, red, blue and green. It is a known fact that looking at or being surrounded by vibrant colours lifts a person’s spirit. This can certainly prove to be positive for the employees, especially when they are overcoming the dull weather outside.
  • Termite infestation is a major problem during monsoons. It should be ensured that the office is termite-free. If there are any signs of it, professionals should be called to get rid of the same. It is an employer’s duty to offer hygienic surroundings where the employees can work at peace.
  • Get a vibrant doormat to keep the mud and slush outside. Preferably, use rugs in bright colours as they tend to liven up the room and are also easy to clean and manage. Rugs, carpets, etc. in the office should be vacuumed daily as in the rainy season they tend to attract lots of dirt and moisture.
  • Check the walls for breakages and seepage well before the monsoons as it can increase humidity inside the office.
  • Ventilation is an important aspect of office care during monsoons. The employers should ensure that there is enough cross-ventilation in the office.
  • Get rid of the heavy curtains and go for the thin cotton ones as they don’t get damp and are quick to dry.
  • Add a few accessories inside the office to lift everyone’s moods. Wind chimes, indoor plants, colourful coasters and books are some good choices.
  • The office interiors should be made so warm, inviting and radiant during the rainy season that the employees look forward to come every day. An icing on the cake would be to play soothing instrumental music in the background to keep the employees in good spirit. After all, happy employees are more efficient, more productive and stay longer.