Keeping The Office Cool This Summer
March 2018


Indian summers have the bad reputation of being detrimental to productivity. Working in the office can be a nightmare in such high temperatures as the employees are bound to feel lethargic. Commuting to the office often leads to dehydration and other health issues, which again reduces efficiency. As an employer, it is your responsibility to keep the office space refreshed, relaxed and comfortable. After all, employees are an organization’s most valuable asset! We have for you here some practical, yet simple ideas to keep your workforce healthy, engaged and motivated this summer.

Handy Tips For Summer

  • Use sun-protecting window film - Quality window films reject more than 50% of solar heat, making the building and your office cool, without the use of air conditioning. They not only reduce heat, but save energy too.
  • Bring nature inside the office - During summers, people generally want to travel to the sea or mountains. By introducing elements of nature inside the office, your employees will feel stress-free and happy. The easiest way to do this is to place a few indoor plants in the office. Painting the office walls in light blue and green colours is another way to give it a soothing appeal.
  • Introduce innovative design elements - Imaginative design elements such as sparrows, trees, flowers, multi-colored geometric shapes etc. painted on the walls add freshness and life to the office surroundings. Looking at them while taking a break from work enhances the overall employee mood and subconscious satisfaction repeatedly.
  • Make an “exercise space” - Identify a space in the office where employees can get together, exercise and feel energized. If you have enough space, get a few cardio machines. And, if the space is less, bring in an aerobics or yoga instructor who can teach the employees to exercise.
  • Have a canteen / office kitchen - If there is an in-house canteen, the employees don’t have to go out in the sun to have lunch. Moreover, you can have summer drinks, juices, etc. stacked up in the kitchen, which everyone enjoys to sip during summers. Having a kitchen in the office gives a feeling of warmth and home, a sense of belonging to the employees.
  • Relax the dress code – Let your employees dress in cool, casual summer clothes by relaxing the dress code a bit in the hot weather.
  • Start a games room – The best way to beat office blues is to have your employees pursue a hobby during their free time while in office. Surprise your employees this summer by making provision for indoor games like foosball, table tennis, billiards, chess, etc. within the office.

By making a few small changes, an employer can make a lot of difference to the employees’ productivity and overall life. An office space which is comfortable, engaging and appropriate for sharing ideas, leads to happy and satisfied employees. Making a summer-friendly office space makes sense as at the end of the day, it is the employees that help an organization achieve big outcomes.