Holiday Homes: The New Trend In Real Estate
January 2018


While investing in a second home, an increasing number of home buyers in India are now looking at holiday homes. Weekend homes offer a personal space to relax and recuperate amidst a busy city life - An ideal retreat for a bonding family time in today’s 24*7 working lifestyle! With homestays becoming a lucrative market, holiday homes can be rented out and thus, add to the earnings of the family as well!

  • The general trend with regards to holiday homes is that people prefer locations which are close to the homes that they stay in. For instance, residents in Mumbai invest in weekend homes at Goa, Pune, Lonavala, Karjat and Alibaug. These places are laid-back with good weather and numerous avenues to wine & dine, making them perfect to spend time in during holidays.
  • While selecting a holiday home, the most favored ones are farmhouses, with bungalows and row-houses coming a close second. People generally want spacious holiday homes where the whole family has enough space to enjoy.
  • Coastal areas and semi-hilly places which are close to nature, affordable and offer serenity are much sought-after. Scenic and peaceful environs make for an excellent location for weekend homes.
  • Families with higher disposable incomes, hailing from upper middle-class and top management segments form a major chunk of those investing in holiday homes. If the location is a few hours’ drive from the parent city and is expected to show appreciation in value in the future, it is chosen for a weekend home by these savvy investors.
  • Theme-based weekend homes are the latest trend in India. They offer a unique lifestyle experience that goes beyond plain homes. From a music-themed township to a Bollywood-inspired one, Indians are lapping up these quirky choices.
  • Homes with amenities like swimming pool, tennis/football/basketball courts, landscaped gardens, water features and gym are preferred for weekend homes.
  • Designer homes as weekend homes hold a lot of prestige. A certain segment prefers branded, luxurious homes as holiday homes where they can invite people over for socializing and partying.
  • In India, the most favored states for a weekend home are Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, and Goa. Due to higher disposable incomes, many Indians are looking at international locations like Dubai and London for their second home as well.

Gone are the days when weekend homes were only within the reach of a select few people. Now, there are numerous options available to the second home buyers, right from affordable to luxurious to International! With greater exposure, majority of Indians are investing in homes where not only they can enjoy but also earn higher return on investment. One useful tip for buying a weekend home – Go for the second home that provides something that your first one cannot!